Robotic Rigorous Testing: The Rationale Behind Our Kicks
LimX Dynamics Biped Robot P1 was kicked and hit again. Faced with random impacts in a crowd, P1 with new ID design once again showcased exceptional stability as a mobility platform.
LimX Dynamics to Advance General-purpose Robotics Development With NVIDIA Isaac Platform
At the annual Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), LimX Dynamics today announced it is adopting the latest release of the NVIDIA Isaac Sim robotic simulator to further harness reinforcement learning (RL) to enhance humanoid robots for general-purpose applications.
Abderrahmane Kheddar Visits LimX Dynamics
Professor Abderrahmane Kheddar, a renowned scholar in robotics, visited the headquarters of LimX Dynamics. During the visit, he had a deep dive with our R&D team on humanoid robots and shared his latest research findings.
We were excited to be part of ICRA for the first time, and showcased LimX Dynamics’ Biped Robot P1 and Wheeled Quadruped Robot W1.
LimX Dynamics W1 Evolves into a Biped Robot
By evolving into a biped robot, W1 maneuvers slickly on two legs in different ways. Its multifaceted motion control capabilities unleash the generalization of embodied intelligence.
LimX Dynamics Elevates Humanoid Robotics Capabilities with Updates on Stair Climbing and Running
We announced the latest updates with our humanoid robot CL-1, which has demonstrated stair climbing in a single stride and stable back and forth running for the first time.
LimX Dynamics’ Biped Robot P1 Conquers the Wild Based on Reinforcement Learning
Based on Reinforcement Learning (RL), LimX Dynamics’ Biped Robot P1 ventured into Tanglang Mountain in Shenzhen for the first time.
LimX Dynamics Unveils Dynamic Testing of Humanoid Robot, Achieving Real-Time Perceptive Stair Climbing and more
CL-1 is one of the few humanoid robots around the world that achieves dynamic stair climbing based on real-time terrain perception.
LimX Dynamics Raises Close to 200M Yuan to Propel the Development of Wheeled Quadrupeds, Humanoids, and AI for Robotics
The general-purpose legged robot company LimX Dynamics has completed its angel and Pre-A round fundraising, with a total amount of nearly 200 million yuan.
LimX Dynamics welcomes Li Zhang as COO and Dr. Jia Pan as Chief Scientist
The incorporation of the two visionaries underscores LimX Dynamics’ unwavering commitment from its inception to the technological and commercial development of general-purpose legged robots, and vigorously advance the frontier Embodied AI.
LimX Dynamics Launches Its First Wheeled Quadruped Robot W1
W1 is equipped with leading perception and motion control algorithms, and multiple proprietary high-performing actuators. It combines the advantages of legged and wheeled structures all in one, enabling it with powerful real-time terrain perception and all-terrain mobility.
In Conversation with the Founder of LimX Dynamics: Humanoid Robots, AI, and Productivity Tools
In 2023, as the robot industry is booming, humanoid robots are seen as the epitome of AI, drawing attention from around the world. Together with investors and key media, LimX Dynamics discuss the issues of utmost concern to everyone.
LimX Dynamics' Quadruped Robot Takes on the Complex Terrain of a Steel Factory
In less than a year since LimX Dynamics’ establishment, X1 has pushed the envelope, leaving the lab to challenge the complex terrains of the Guangxi Liuzhou Steel Factory, which has a history of over 60 years, successfully navigating the demanding landscape of the blast furnace inspection.
Beyond Rolling Over: Unlocking the Infinite Imagination of Legged Robots
Microsoft Accelerator in conversation with Dr. Wei Zhang, founder of LimX Dynamics.

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