LimX Dynamics W1 Evolves into a Biped Robot
LimX Dynamics‘ W1 is now more than a wheeled quadruped. By evolving into a biped robot, W1 maneuvers slickly on two legs in different ways: non-stop 360° rotation, upright free gliding, slick maneuvering, random collision and self-recovery, and step walking... Come and take a close look at W1's latest performance.
Humanoid, Keep Running! LimX Dynamics' Latest Updates on CL-1
We are glad to announce the latest updates with our humanoid robot CL-1. In the test, it demonstrates stair climbing in a single stride based on real-time terrain perception. For the very first time, CL-1 accomplishes back and forth running, in a stable and dynamic way!
LimX Dynamics’ Biped Robot P1 Conquers the Wild Based on Reinforcement Learning
With Zero-shot Learning, non-protected and fully open testing conditions, P1 successfully navigated the completely strange wilderness of the forest, demonstrating exceptional control and stability post reinforcement learning by dynamically locomoting over various complex terrains.
Discover LimX Dynamics Humanoid Teleoperation to Collect Data for Learning
Boxing, drumming, stacking boxes, and various other practices...... Those are the daily teleoperation testing of our humanoid robot. Collaborating with engineers, our humanoid robots collect real-world data from teleoperation for learning to iterate control algorithms. This is one of the many ways we advance our robotics technology. Stay tuned for more updates!
LimX Dynamics Unveils Dynamic Testing of Humanoid Robot CL-1
CL-1 is one of the few humanoid robots around the world that achieves dynamic stair climbing based on real-time terrain perception.
LimX Dynamics Launches First Wheeled Quadruped Robot W1
LimX Dynamics has launched its first wheeled quadruped robot W1. W1 is equipped with perception and motion control algorithms, and multiple proprietary high-performing actuators. It combines the advantages of legged and wheeled structures all in one, enabling it with powerful real-time terrain perception and all-terrain mobility.
Descending Stairs and Real-time Visualization
The quadruped robot prototype X1, utilizing online real-time visual algorithms, achieved the function of forward stair descending, showcasing the prominent advantage of LimX Dynamics' Perceptive Locomotion algorithm.
Quadruped Robot's Fully Autonomous Stair Climbing Algorithm
LimX Dynamics, using its first-generation quadruped robot prototype X1, achieved a fully autonomous stair climbing function, making a significant breakthrough for legged robots in China.
LimX Dynamics’ Quadruped Robot Takes on the Complex Terrain of Steel Factory
Shortly after its inception, LimX Dynamics' prototype X1 ventured to the Guangxi Liuzhou Steel Factory, which boasts a history of over 60 years. The robot successfully navigated a 38-degree long staircase, irregular steps, and tight turning spaces, completing the blast furnace inspection test soundly.

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